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Procedures are updated and implemented. This allow us to increase expectations of integrity to our customers and their goods. Our personal is highly qualified and in constant training, besides having a high vanguard technology.

We operate under de quality certification ISO 9001:2008 within all legislation rules for the private security to guarantee the satisfaction of our customers and the maximum quality of the service.

Our professionalism and capacity on responding the changeable needs of our customers has allowed us to count with their preferences, loyalty, and stability, due to this we deeply trust that either of them would express favorable opinions in every service we have offered.

“WWG SECURITY” is a leader company that has a high ability to create, develop and implement security systems, obtaining the best relationship between our client with the benefit and cost improving their security issues.

In-house security staff
Custody of transportation
Monitoring GPS
Risk analysis.
Electronic security for all modalities.
Trustable tests “Aurum System”
LVA-i (analyzing voices )
Protection for public functionaries.
Development for security audits.
Training for security topics.