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Our trader “TRADING COMPANY WCA MEXICO S DE RL DE CV” is enabled to import and export all different types of merchandise in Mexico. Focused on a high-level service of solutions with correct tax management of its operations as a forwarder between the shipper and the consignee of the merchandise, who is specialized in resolving shipments with critical services.

The Import Record of Importers is one of our benefits offered to our clients who import sensitive merchandises. Our specialty is a specific sector; textile, confection, footwear, steel, plastic, etc.

We offer professional services to make the correct procedures according to the customs Mexican authorities. We look over all the documentation for the entrance and departure of the merchandise in Mexico. We cover legal and fiscal aspects; we elaborate a set of operations related with the final custom destiny. When the merchandise needs to enter or leave the country and requires to be assigned to a customs regime through the different locations in the country; which are covered by us all around The Mexican Republic. If other country is need to be analyzed we can other the service indeed.